Deck the bathroom: Easy ways to improve your bathroom before the holidays arrive

The holidays mean everyone will be coming over to stay- everyone, even your mother-in-law. So if you want a bathroom that’s going to impress, consider a quick remodel.

A clean, organized, and fresh bathroom is the easiest way to wow your holiday guests, and it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems.

Try these quick and easy upgrades for a holiday bathroom that might even be better than the gifts under the tree.

1.    Add some paint.


There’s nothing a new coat of fresh paint can’t fix. It’s cheap, easy, and convenient- everything the rest of your holidays won’t be.


2.    Try a towel warmer.


No, this level of fancy is not only reserved for hotels and spas. Towel warmers are a simple way to wow any bathroom. There are portable, plug-in ones available, and what’s better than a warm towel in the bitter, winter cold.


3.    Make it smell nice.


Yet another easy upgrade that will automatically transform your bathroom to hotel quality, is an automatic scent dispenser. No one likes a smelly bathroom, let even the smells spread a little cheer.


4.    An easy backsplash.

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Peel and stick backsplash is easy to find and only takes moments to install. Give your guest bathroom the wow factor it needs with a quick little backsplash.

5.    Update the hardwares.


Ever consider how long your bathroom hardwares have really been there? Likely since before you moved in. Upgrade your knobs, faucets, and shower heads to bring your bathroom back to life.


If you’re in the New Mexico area and you need a little extra help  this holiday season, you can also try the bathtub installation albequerque residents are talking about.


With the right help, a new bathroom installation is easier than it seems. The true holiday miracle this season is only a sink away.